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Wooden Acoustic Panels

Wooden Acoustic Panels

If the sound frequency in a room is not comfortable, it can be very frustrating, stressful, and distracting. It is seen in private homes and the sense of industry, where large rooms in a minimalist style also exist. It could also be that at restaurants, schools or other similar rooms, you have seen it. Lousy acoustics can create a cold and resounding effect that produces an echo.

You can get a quality wooden acoustic panel at G.H Renovation to solve disturbance issues. Our wooden acoustic panels have a recorded sound absorption effect, making a massive difference in any space. It’s easy but still amazing the way it works. When the sound waves hit the sensation, it will refract. This produces a deadening impact and increases the level of sound. Our acoustic panels can significantly differ, particularly in rooms with vast, empty surfaces, without taking up unnecessary space.

Acoustic Timber Panel

G.H Renovation deals with a wide range of acoustic wood panels that allow you to design elegant wood finishes with high-performance acoustic treatment.

This acoustic timber panel provides a hard finish to the interior design. It is typically applied to areas of high wear and tear for which acoustic fabric finishes get failed. It is easy to mount these acoustic timber panels, saving additional installation work hours for your project.

For our acoustic timber panels, fire-rated solutions are also available to meet local and international building fire requirements.

Wood Wool Acoustic Panels

The wood-wool acoustic panel is an environmentally friendly solution made from cement, wood wool, and recyclable water. Together, natural components have many useful properties. G.H Renovation’s Wood Wool acoustic panel’s sound absorption spectrum is high, which has outstanding results for low, medium, and high-frequency noises. It is also good fire-proof with no dust contamination, concrete decorative, and easy to use. For investors to select, there are several specification levels available, which you can only notice while downloading.