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Office Renovation

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As an office renovation contractor in Singapore, G.H Renovations have been making our clients proud of the renovation work we have carried out for over a decade. Therefore, we will aesthetically turn your dream into a practical and usable fact by being able to understand your desires, your specifications, and your design preferences.

Our interior design section, specializing in industrial and commercial renovation, can turn your imaginary ideas into functional reality. Renovation doesn’t have to be a problem with hair development. Being an interior office renovation contractor, we know that all that matters is preparation and experience.

However, the function inside the current tenancy envelope to reconfigure the space or within a reduced footprint while downsizing; in many cases, customers lease extra space and use the opportunity to re-evaluate existing office space allocations and re-planning and redesigning their existing offices to improve productivity and provide a cohesive corporate picture across all tenancies.

With our teams of professional project managers and installation performed only by trained staff, you get more cost savings without excessive wasting of material and enjoy the advantage of high-quality workmanship.


Being continuously engaged in interior design and office renovation, we are up to date on all criteria and standards for a renovation job. Installation, housekeeping, and safety of your belongings during construction are just part of our service criteria for quality control.


We aim to deliver the best renovation work that projects your desired ideas while retaining the lowest possible cost to get more customer referrals to ensure that your investment is fair and justified.

Improve Productivity

Our professional team’s design suggestion can have a direct positive impact on employee’s productivity. Design factors like lighting, acoustics, layout, temperature, air quality, and furniture play are huge. You will be able to provide the employee with flexible working spaces with effective planning on space use and thus increase the employee’s cooperation.

Technology Era

As technology is rising exponentially, any organization must realize what future needs are to be incorporated right from the start into the office design to avoid future inconvenience. Our experienced expert would include office design that will integrate all the specifications for technology to achieve optimum performance.


GHR has an enviable reputation for designing and implementing office renovation projects where the office stays occupied throughout the entire refurbishment program. We have completed many complex office renovation projects for many multi-national corporations over the years.

Combined with meticulous preparation, partnering with only established and trusted vendors and sub-contractors, we ensure that your office renovation project will be completed with minimum disruption on schedule and budget.

G.H. Renovation is a fully certified and valued Singapore office renovation contractor, interior architecture, design, and Construction Company. We have completed complex and large-scale office renovation projects for leading global businesses with excellent efficiency. We aim to provide our clients with post-occupancy services to you as well. Our office design team will assist with the reconfiguration of layout and room planning if there is a need for expansion to accommodate increased headcount or re-stack the office.