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Acoustic Fabric Panels

Acoustic Fabric Panels

Acoustic Fabric Panels

The traditional acoustical treatment board is an acoustic fabric panel. Under modern technology, G.H Renovation’s resin frame fabric sound panels significantly improve manufacturing efficiency and decrease costs.

Glass wool, high-performance sound absorption, is the primary material (NRC up to 1.0). A higher NRC means that to handle your room, less acoustic panel material is needed. In various colors to suit your style, attractive, textured fabrics are 100 percent polyester available. Imaginatively, you can combine size and color for a distinctive and visually stunning appearance.

Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel

The Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel is made of short fibers of polyester. It is prepared on multi-folded polyester fabric sheets through needle punching. A three-dimensional network structure with breathable open cells consists of the final material.

In our everyday lives, acoustics play a crucial role. Acoustical efficiency needs to be carefully considered, whether you are planning an open-plan office, a conference room or a cinema hall. Besides, in terms of acoustic efficiency, aesthetics, and ease of installation, the market solutions leave much to be desired.

High performance and robust sound absorptive product is the Polyester acoustic wall panel. Installation is effortless and can also be done by novice labor and superior acoustic efficiency to visually striking interiors.

Decorative Acoustic Panels Singapore

In every room of your home or house,acoustic fabric panels help minimize unwanted reflected sound, which is what makes noisy restaurants or offices so terrible. However, until recently, many individuals were limited to utilitarian panels that did not do much for the dcor. You may make a statement with decorative acoustic panels in your home or office while insulating at the same time for acoustic sound design.

For any questions or queries about the acoustic fabric panel, call our customer support, and we’ll be there to help you.